RaceChip Pro2

RaceChip Pro2

RaceChip Pro2

The perfect performance improvement for modern engines

Experience our innovative best-seller, the Pro 2

Irresistible drive on long stretches, dynamic acceleration round bends: if that’s what you like, then you’ll love our best-seller, the Race Chip Pro 2. Experience your vehicle in a more intense and emotional way at all RPM levels with clearly optimized power and more torque. Benefit in certain situations from more active safety with greater power reserves.

The RaceChip Pro 2 offers an overall package that you’ll love. With premium components, our latest software specially designed for your vehicle and a comprehensive service package that includes a 1-year engine warranty. You’ll get all of this at an unbeatable value for money.

Maximum benefit for you

+25% more Power

The software in the Pro 2 is specially designed for your vehicle to optimize your engine’s electronic signals. This provides a significant boost to your horsepower and torque within the available power reserves. You’ll feel the added power, dynamics and drive.

Better fuel economy

With RaceChip Pro 2 you can increase power while also saving fuel and money. Up to one liter less fuel per 100 kilometers is possible. Torque optimization is the key to this simple equation: more torque = earlier upshifting = less fuel consumption = lower costs.

1-year engine warranty

We are 100% certain of the quality of the RaceChip Pro 2. You’ll benefit from the 1-year RaceChip engine warranty, which covers all of the engine and powertrain components. This means that you’ll always be on the safe side.

Easy installation and removal

You don’t have to be an expert to install the Pro 2. Easy DIY installation in just a few minutes: that’s the RaceChip Plug&Drive promise. It lets you use the most sophisticated technology with the utmost ease.

The Pro 2 also has other qualities that distinguish RaceChip. The optimization software is fine-tuned specifically for your engine through a series of examinations and test runs. Our Engine Protect System ensures that the performance improvement is always kept within your engine’s RPM tolerance range. Of course, we also use only the highest quality hardware components.

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