RaceChip One

RaceChip One

RaceChip One – the best in its price class

Unbridled driving pleasure at an irresistible price

Don’t be fooled by the attractive price of the RaceChip One. You’ll still benefit from all of RaceChip’s chip tuning know-how with our entry-level model. The hardware and software are specially designed for your vehicle and takes advantage of the developments in our premium products.

With the One you’ll already get considerably better power from your vehicle’s power reserves. You’ll enjoy driving pleasure on another level – you’ll feel the extra power, higher torque and the ability to save fuel. The One makes driving an experience that will thrill you.

The One – a real RaceChip in quality and function

+20% more Power

The One software, specially designed for your vehicle, optimizes your engine’s electronic signals. You’ll get a considerable boost in horsepower and torque within the available power reserves. You’ll feel more power, dynamics and drive.

Better fuel efficiency

You’ll not only optimize your power with RaceChip One, you’ll also save fuel and money. You can reduce fuel consumption by up to 1l/100 kilometers. Torque optimization is RaceChip’s key for a simple equation: more torque = earlier upshifting = less fuel consumption = lower costs.

Easy installation and removal

You can easily install the One by yourself in just a few minutes. That’s the RaceChip Plug&Drive promise. It makes your entry into the world of performance improvement easy and trouble-free.

The One has many of the other quality features typical of RaceChip. The optimization software is specially designed for your vehicle through a series of examinations and test runs. Our Engine Protect System Plus ensures that the increased power is always used only within your engine’s RPM tolerance range. And of course, we only use high-quality hardware components.

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