Jeep Wrangler Cod

Jeep Wrangler Cod


Our newest work at DMM-Motorsport, we are presenting to you a Jeep Wrangler Cod

Photos were uploaded on November 1, 2016

Modifications were done on wheels, Exhaust, Lamp, Suspension, Sodttop bikini, Engine, Bumper, Footsteps, and tyres.  Detailed specifications are as follows :

Rims Mht Full Blown 14×22 Tires Superswamper 35×14,5×22

Exhaust Gibson Dual

Lamp Rigid Industri

Suspension Fox Racing 3,5″

Softtop Bikini

Engine Magna Charger

Bumper and Tire Hanger aev

Footsteps Rockslide engineering

Photo Gallery :